The History of Roamlite

What We Do

Welcome to Roamlite. We are specialist retailers of lightweight hand luggage size bags, camping backpacks, laptop rucksacks, holdalls, wallets and accessories. We take practical and stylish bag designs and make them lighter, more durable and affordable through innovation and refining.

Where Do We Come From?

For 20 years we were based in North West London, UK, where we had been selling baggage on London’s famous Camden Market, Camden Town. We naturally transitioned off of the high street and onto the internet. With this bold move, we took our valuable “hands on”, product knowledge, along with connections to the worlds biggest and best A+ suppliers and factories, to make a “direct to the public business”.

Creating Value

The Roamlite brand is a pure play of quality and value, no middle men, no fancy advertising, just cherry picked products, targeted for their practical usage and refined to be optimal in their purpose.

Where Are We Now?

In late 2017 we ran out of space in our North West London operations, we had storage and stock everywhere, along with warehouse storage in East London, Manchester and Reading. It was time to make a huge change. After 45 years living in London, we decided that if the company was to scale up with all of the ideas that we had, we needed 3 things, space, better systems and more staff. We completely refinanced our whole business and made a huge personal cash injection from other investments and went for it.

We bought a 6000 sq ft warehouse in a village in Northamptonshire, moved house there, and relocated completely. Here we are now, registered for VAT in 7 EU countries, selling 10’s of thousands of bags worldwide annually and still growing at a staggering 10-20% per year since we started.

Our brand is a Registered Trade Mark in Europe and is registered and protected by the biggest ecommerce site in the world. We employ all of our staff locally, support businesses locally and have in-house training and development for apprentices.

We are very proud of our brand, all employees here love their job, and we love making and selling bags and creating value for everyone. Enjoy our brand, enjoy our bags, we do!

Travel light, travel right ... Roamlite.

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